The Cave Restaurant

Camdenton, Missouri

The man-made cave had been there for over 50 years when the concept was presented to Thomas Construction to design and build the most unique restaurant and swimming pool at the Lake of the Ozarks. This one-of-a-kind design-build lakefront project took the entire Thomas team to complete from the start of construction to opening in 6 months. It features one of the largest swimming pools at the Lake, over 4500 square feet. The pool connects the multiple swim-up bars and the cave itself. White sand was brought in to be placed around the pool and kids’ play area which has its own pool. This is all served by a 3500 square foot kitchen.


Project Description

  • DEVELOPER: Mark Waddington
  • ARCHITECT: Thomas Construction
  • SPECS: 2-story waterfront restaurant attached to man-made cave


  • 3000 square foot adult pool with swim up bar connected to cave
  • Separate kids only pool area
  • 7500 square foot of pool deck area
  • Two story restaurant and dining area
The Cave Restaurant